The Liberty and Leadership Lyceum

The Liberty and Leadership Lyceum

For the

Liberal and Performing Arts

The Lyceum is an association of volunteers that promotes the Five American Ideals of Georgics, Providence, Liber, Public Virtue and Freedom; and advances the sovereignty of the family.

We present educational, social and cultural events for families to support them in their role as the foundation and fabric of our nation while helping them make and strengthen friendships  with other families throughout the state.
Through our passion for leadership education and liberty, we endeavor to re-ignite within the hearts of individuals their love of family, God, liberty, self-reliance and self-governance.
Activities and events the Liberty and Leadership Lyceum presents or arranges include the following:

-The Freedom Forum for Families
-The Colorado Family Ball
-Face-to-Face with Greatness
-Statesmanship Seminars (A George Wythe seminar series)
-Foundations of Liberty
-Family Quest Adventure Camp
-ReValue America
-Inner Reach: bringing the Great American Ideals to inner-city families
-Classic-Cache Date Night: a couple’s colloquium geo-caching adventure.
-LEMI Trainings
-Unleashing Your Voice
-New Commonwealth School Trainings
-LOLIPOP Training
-Musical Performances
-Speech and Debate
-Theatrical Performances
-Re-enactments of significant historical events
-Writing Contests

 For more information, contact Laurie Gatrell at or 303-688-8078



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