“We have staked the future…upon the capacity of mankind for self-government: upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain ourselves…” James Madison.

What is a Commonwealth School? A commonwealth school creates an environment in which families of like culture can study the classics and become great citizens by gaining a greater vision of our country and ourselves.  A commonwealth signifies “the common good or happiness; thus it is a form to secure the public good.[1]”   While usually associated with governments of countries, ‘commonwealth’ can be applied to many other aspects of society.  A commonwealth school takes the “co-op” group to the next level: to a community that self-governs, that exists beyond the creators whose children are now raised and gone,  and can stand the test of time.

How do you start and run one? Learn how and where here: New Commonwealth Schools Training

Learn about the development of a scholar and mentors here:  Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI)  Building Young Men and Women of Great Moral Character.

Commonwealth Communities in Colorado:

NEW!!  GMSA: Grand Mesa Statesmanship Academy in Cedaredge, Colorado! GMSA meets on Wednesdays.  Contact: Tanya Simler grandmesastatesmanshipacademy@gmail.com or 970-856-6623.  View their web page at: grandmesastatesmanshipacademy.weebly.com

NEW!! LCS: Liberty Commonwealth School will begin classes Fall 2014 in Brighton area!  Contact: Cyndy Pennington cynpen76@gmail.com or Tresa Magnusson nottoobusy@gmail.com


SLA in Fort Collins  meets on Thursdays.  Contact: Amber Hopkins  sevengems@yahoo.com

ASLAND in Golden meets Thursdays. Contact: Karena Luerssen unschoolmom7@aol.com

FOUNDERS’ in Highlands Ranch meets Wednesdays.  Contact: Kelly Reyes davkelreyes@gmail.com, Andrea Langlois ophelia80126@yahoo.com or Laurie Gatrell classicsforfun@hotmail.com

[1]  Aneladee J. Milne and Tifanny Rhoades Earl, The New commonwealth School: Creating the Right School for your Family and Community (Leadership Education Mentoring Institute, Blackfoot, ID) p. 25 (24-28).

For further Reading:

Market-Based Education: A New Model for Schools by Kathleen Harward (The center for Market Processes, Inc)